2018 S.A.M. Orlando Convention Schedule

Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive
8001 International Drive Orlando, Florida 32819




Thursday, July 19

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM Early Bird Registration opens REGISTRATION B / PALMS FOYER

Friday, July 20

9:00-8:00 Family Day at Universal’s Islands of Adventure’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Group Photo at Hogwarts Castle at 11:00 AM (additional fee event)

5:00-6:00  Contest of Magic contestant briefing OLEANDER B BACKROOM

5:00-6:00  SAM Magic Center Meeting CARDINI PARLOUR

6:00-7:00  SAM Magic Endowment Fund Meeting CARDINI PARLOUR

6:30 PM – 9:00 PM Registration REGISTRATION B & PALMS FOYER

7:30-9:00 Young Magicians Welcome Party (ages 7-17) WILLAM ANDREWS HALL

8:30-8:45  New SAM Conventioneer Orientation CARDINI PARLOUR

9:00-10:00 Lecture #1: Mark Horowitz: Magicians in Comics History and Game Show HOUDINI THEATER

10:30-11:30 Session #1: From the pages of the M-U-M: with Alan Howard, Bruce Kalver’s “Tech Tricks” and Friends. HOUDINI THEATER

Saturday, July 21

8:00-4:30 Registration  REGISTRATION B

9:00-9:20 Convention Welcome HOUDINI THEATER

9:30-10:30 Session #2:   John Kimmo Family Entertainment HOUDINI THEATER

10:30-1:00 Exhibitors Grand Opening  KELLAR EXHIBITOR HALL

11:00-Noon  Lecture #2: David Penn: The Wedding Performer HOUDINI THEATER

1:00-2:00 SHOW #1: Stars of Tomorrow Stage Show HOUDINI THEATER

2:30-3:30  Lecture #3: Greg Wilson: Magical Secrets from Allakazam HOUDINI THEATER

3:30-6:30 Exhibitors  KELLAR EXHIBITOR HALL

4:00-5:00 Session #3: Greg Frewin: Ownership/Responsibility of Performers’ Animals THURSTON LECTURE HALL

7:15-7:45  Stars of Tomorrow Close-up PALMS FOYER

8:00-9:30 SHOW #2: SAM Contest of Magic Experience Show HOUDINI THEATER

10:00-midnight Late Night with the Dealers,  KELLAR EXHIBITOR HALL

10:30-11:15 Autograph/posters with the Stars MARTINKAS BACKROOM

Sunday, July 22

8:00 – 9:30 Combined event: SAM Life Member & The Magic Circle tea/coffee with Bev Bergeron (The Magic Circle and S.A.M. Life Members only) CARDINI PARLOR

8:30-4:30 Registration REGISTRATION B

9:15-10:30 Young Magicians Junior Program WILLIAM ANDREWS HALL

9:30-10:30 Lecture #4: Peter Samelson the Art of Magic HOUDINI THEATER

10:30-1:00 Exhibitors KELLAR EXHIBITOR HALL

11:00-noon SHOW #3: British Invasion Close-up with David Penn, Sean Heydon and Thomas Wright HOUDINI THEATER

1:30-2:30 Session #5: Magic Land of Allakazam: Bev Bergeron (Rebo the Clown), Greg Wilson and Mike Wilson plus Mark Wilson and Nani Darnell Wilson live from California. HOUDINI THEATER

3:00-5:00  S.A.M. National Council Meeting  THURSTON LECTURE HALL

3:30-6:30 Exhibitors KELLAR EXHIBITOR HALL

7:15-7:45  Stars of Tomorrow Close-up PALMS FOYER

8:00-9:30 GALA SHOW #4: Ed Thomas Tribute Show

                  Pre-show music by Selkii; a world of wonder with LeLand Faulkner as master of ceremonies; the mysteries of Dameon; amazing juggling skills with Michael Menes; magical artistry of Peter Samelson; the illusions of John Bundy and Morgan. HOUDINI THEATER

10:30 – 11:30 Lecture #5: Wizard Product Review LIVE with David Penn, Sean Hayden and Special Guests and Prizes HOUDINI THEATER

11:30-12:30 Invisible Lodge  CARDINI PARLOUR

Monday, July 23

9:00-12:00 Registration for Las Vegas Jan. 2020  REGISTRATION B

9:00-10:30 Lecture #5 and #6: Close-up: Sean Heydon (Restaurant) & Thomas Wright (invisible thread) HOUDINI THEATER

10:30-3:00 Exhibitors Last Chance  KELLAR EXHIBITOR HALL

11:00-12:00 Session #6:  John Bundy: Magic Theme Session HOUDINI THEATER

1:00-2:00 Lecture #7: Dameon: Doves and Manipulation HOUDINI THEATER

3:00-4:00 Session #7: Card Scaling Contest (cards and instruction provided by Dameon) PALMS FOYER

4:30-7:00  S.A.M. Annual Banquet with the Stars (additional fee event) THURSTON/ANDREW HALLS

4:30-5:30 Cocktail hour: music by Selkii, SAM Restaurant Workers Contest THURSON LECTURE HALL
5:30-7:00 S.A.M. Banquet with the Stars / Officer Installation / Special Surprise Presentations ANDREWS MEETING HALL

7:15-7:45  Stars of Tomorrow Close-up PALMS FOYER

8:00-9:30 GALA SHOW #5: Vaudeville Reinvented (Hank Moorehouse Tribute Show)

                 John Kimmo comedy master of ceremonies (United Kingdom); musical talent of Selkii (S. Africa), amazing juggling skills with Edge, Doc Swan’s vaudeville antics, mesmerizing Alana (Germany), the illusions of Jay Mattioli. HOUDINI THEATER

9:30-11:30 Past, Present and Future National Presidents Present: A Farewell Party  THURSTON/ANDREWS HALL S.A.M. Mileston Member Recognition, Contest Awards, S.A.M. Awards. John Sturk at the piano

Tuesday, July 24

9:00-9:00  Disney Day (This is an additional fee event, and not affiliated with the S.A.M. Convention. It is simply a suggested activity for those who have the time and opportunity.)