The 2018 S.A.M. Contest of Magic Experience

We’ve added much more than the word “experience” to the contest. We’re focused on making this the best experience for contestants and all those attending the convention.

Contestants are important performers in our convention and will be treated as such. If selected to be a part of the S.A.M. Contest of Magic Experience you’ll be treated to a special lunch with many of the notable artists at the convention. Just them and you. That’s just the beginning. Prizes will not be limited to the traditional S.A.M. scoring system either, in fact there will be nothing traditional about the prizes.  We’d like to have some secrets so the details on prizes will be announced at the convention.

Apply online at: contest entry form

The Experience is comprised of the Fr. Cyprian Murray Stage Contest and the Dr. Paul Critelli Close-Up Contest, both limited to 5 contestants.  All applications received before March 28th will be considered by the selection committee for 8 of the 10 slots (4 stage and 4 closeup).  On April 9th these 8 slots will be announced. All applicants who were not selected as well as any applicants who missed the deadline can be considered for one of the two remaining slots. These final slots will be chosen by the public via an online vote on the S.A.M. Facebook page. Voting will take place May 10th – 13th and the two winners will be announced on May 9th. Stay connected with updates on the contest by liking the S.A.M. Facebook page.

Vinny Grosso, PNP
Contest Chairperson